Wednesday, February 1, 2012

.4 miles away...

does not = a one mile round trip walk...Last night we desided to take the kids on what we thought would be a short walk to find a cache that said it was .4 miles away. We thought it looked like it would be at the end of the road....we got to the end and it said it was 200 feet beyond the brick wall. We weren't about to give up and the kids were very excited about finding a cache that we continued an extra .7 miles around to the main road and back to the other side. By this time it was dark out, and I wasn't even sure we would be able to find a micro size cache with just our flash was the smallest micro-cache I had ever seen, and well hidden. But they were thrilled to sign the log. We finally arrived home after walking 2.5 miles and draining Ethan's wheelchair battery half an hour later than bed time. We told the kids that if they want to do another one tonight that they needed to get up and get ready without complaining about being tired this morning...they did and are very excited about finding another cache after dad gets home from work.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

We have hidden our First Cache!

So it is time to start a blog of our Geocaching fun.
We have put together our first Cache:

Winchester 200
33.440* N Lattitude 111.726* W Longitude

Hints: a bit of Piccaso and Poe